Colour correction

Moving images from your computer screen to the printed page can be surprisingly tricky. Getting those images to really pop when ink hits paper – that gets even trickier. Which is exactly why we love doing it.

Your digital photos may look great on your screen, but you can’t count on them translating well into print without a bit of skilful intervention. Moveable’s experts know how to correct for the colour shifts that happen when digital images move from their RGB world to the CMYK standard used in print. We’re also adept at sharpening, tweaking contrast, lightening shadows so they don’t plug up on press and adjusting for the unique characteristics of paper stocks – all to make sure your images look their best.

We can also work our magic to rescue images that are not so great. Because we understand that sometimes there’s no choice – you have to go with low-resolution images or less-than-stellar shots. That’s where our colour correction team really shines. We can brighten up, fine-tune and even resample those subpar image files, transforming them into work that’s ready for prime time.

Best of all, colour correction is surprisingly inexpensive for a service that adds so much visual impact to what you print – not to mention the fun of comparing “before” and “after” shots.


You can’t always get what you want. Unless we’re talking about digital images – in which case we can pretty much add, subtract, enhance, adapt or invent whatever strikes your fancy. Scary.

Moveable’s retouching specialists can alter photographs with meticulous, nearly unnerving subtlety – and with results so convincing, we almost feel guilty about fooling people. Almost.

But don’t worry – we only use our powers for good. Specifically, we can apply our digital skills to:


  • help your leaders and colleagues look like their true (or better) selves – energetic, engaged… and impeccably groomed
  • eliminate distracting background elements like errant power cords or stray coffee cups
  • seamlessly import additional people into group photos – or remove anyone who’s left the team
  • boost the impact and persuasiveness of whatever kind of images you use to get on people’s radar, reinforce your value proposition or build a winning case.

Count on our crack retouchers to help make your visual communications more compelling, memorable and sophisticated. And if you want a picture of your CEO riding a dragon, we can do that, too.


Scanning? Is that still a thing? Absolutely – because sometimes all you’ve got is some old photos or transparencies, or a book that’s obstinately analog. In which case, scanning is the new scanning.

Moveable’s scanning department creates pristine, high-resolution digital files from analog source documents. In concept, that’s nothing new. But as more and more printing and creative services firms go all-digital, clients who need top-quality scanning can struggle to find a shop with the right equipment and expertise. We have both.

To capture the nuances of your original, we use a top-of-the-line scanner, calibrated monitors, purpose-built viewing booths and precision proofing technology. Even more importantly, you benefit from the skills, versatility and passion of our staff experts, whose mastery of colour and attention to detail always come through, whatever tools they’re using.

You can trust Moveable to delicately handle important materials that only exist in hard copy: out-of-print books, original artwork, archival documents… any item whose visual integrity truly matters. We love taking these unique artifacts – often hidden away in storage, at risk of deterioration – and transforming them into rich digital files that can travel freely, reach new audiences and extend their value far into the future.

What do you need?


Multilingual page formatting, corporate reports, MS Office templates.


High-quality offset, short-run digital, large-format posters and banners.


Picking over text, flagging errors, suggesting improvements.


Colour correction, retouching

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