Corrections and suggestions

Typos. Omissions. Inconsistencies. Awkward constructions. We help you eliminate them with ruthless precision. Why do we care so much? Because we don’t want anyone to think you don’t.

You have important messages to get across, and you craft them with care. You don’t want your audiences distracted by errors or oversights. And you certainly don’t want anyone concluding – even unconsciously – that a few little glitches in your copy might reflect a larger problem with the quality of what you do.

Moveable’s six full-time proofreaders comb through your content, applying a level of scrutiny and editorial judgment that borders on compulsive. Okay, maybe “borders” is an understatement. Our systematic approach is designed to weed out every mistake and identify every opportunity to communicate more effectively.

We have a double-strength process. It begins with two proofreaders working in parallel, independently reviewing the same document line by line for anything that might get in the way of clear, effective communication – whether it’s an error, some slight imprecision or just an awkward line break.

After we’ve confirmed and consolidated our findings in-house, you receive a single document containing all of our notes. These are Moveable’s legendary Reds and Greens: red mark-up for necessary corrections, green for queries and suggested improvements. On average, our clients accept more than 85% of the greens.

It’s unusual for proofreaders to be famous, but Moveable’s are – at least with our clients. Everyone on the proofing team has been with us for at least 15 years, and together we’ve helped some of Canada’s best-known corporations and organizations ensure their print and online content is as close as possible to perfect. Which is pretty close.

What do you need?


Multilingual page formatting, corporate reports, MS Office templates.


High-quality offset, short-run digital, large-format posters and banners.


Picking over text, flagging errors, suggesting improvements.


Colour correction, retouching

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