Moveable supports professional communicators and design teams with high-quality printing, proofreading, typesetting and image enhancement services. We practice these various crafts with an uncompromising attention to detail and a devotion to quality so obsessive it may have a clinical name. And that’s fine by us, as long as our clients are happy. You’ll find dozens of their testimonials popping up across this site – and we’ll be happy to share hundreds more if you’re really interested.

The Moveable team is ready to work closely with you at every stage of a communications project. We can proofread your content, flagging errors and offering suggestions to make it as near as possible to perfect. We can take care of typesetting, whether that means formatting an InDesign file or creating templates in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. We can look after your images – colour correcting, sharpening, enhancing and retouching – to ensure optimal reproduction quality. If your images aren’t digital, we offer a high-resolution scanning service, too. And of course we can print the finished piece using the method that best fits your needs: high-quality offset, short-run digital or large-format posters or banners.

At every stage, we add what clients often call “the Moveable magic.” We apply our well-honed skills to improve and strengthen design. And we deliver a service experience that has to exceed clients’ expectations or it won’t meet ours. Which may not fully qualify as magic, but it’s somewhere along the spectrum.

Memories are made of this

Our firm began life in 1983 as a boutique typesetting shop called Moveable Type. At that point, typesetting was an industry in its own right, employing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The first Macintosh was still a year away, and (mercifully) no one was talking yet about “desktop publishing” as the Next Big Thing.

But by the early 1990s, everything had changed. Designers were setting type on their own (for better or worse… mostly worse) using graphics software on their Macs, and a once-thriving profession had all but disappeared. At Moveable Type, we could read the writing on the wall and moved quickly to reinvent our business.

Amidst all the amazing changes that technology had made possible, we noticed something very important that wasn’t happening. Although designers could now handle their own typesetting, most were simply importing keystrokes into predefined layouts. They typically lacked the time (or skill or inclination) to take care of all the tweaking and quality checks that produced a better end product: adjusting line breaks, refining letterspacing and, above all, ensuring consistency of style throughout. Not to mention proofreading every single word. We knew that our team of experts could add value by providing a meticulous proofreading and fine-tuning service, freeing designers to focus on creative direction and strategy – or pitching new business – while we looked after all the details.

For large-scale, labour-intensive projects like corporate annual reports, designers only had to provide us with a few sample pages and we’d take it from there, formatting and finessing complex financial sections to their specifications – and making improvements and suggestions to enhance the end result. Our unique blend of efficiency, quality control and meticulous project management won over the design community, as well as their most demanding clients. It lives on in the comprehensive typesetting and proofreading services we offer today.

As all of this technological change was unfolding through the 1990s, we saw further opportunities to expand our range of complementary services. Our repertoire soon included prepress film production, digital printing, high-resolution scanning and large-format inkjet printing. At the same time, we lost something – on purpose. To reflect our evolution well beyond typesetting, Moveable Type became simply Moveable. And a lot of old brochures, T-shirts and coffee mugs became instant collectors’ items.

The thing about change

As we all know, the technology revolution never reaches a point where everyone puts down their tools, exchanges high-fives and says, “Okay, we’re done here.” By the end of the 1990s, another big change was transforming our industry: the invention of direct-to-plate imaging, which eliminated the need for prepress film. The six imagesetters we had running around the clock would very soon have less and less to do. So once again we reinvented Moveable – by expanding our capabilities in printing, and by launching Moveable Online to provide web development services. (Moveable Online was later spun off as a separate company and today continues to thrive under its new name, Enginess.)

Our printing facilities quickly grew to include digital and offset presses, large-format inkjet plotters, and a maze of bindery equipment. And of course we also built a team of experts to run it all. Today Moveable is one of the few commercial printers operating in Toronto’s downtown core. We’re close to many of our key clients – major corporations and organizations, government agencies, leading cultural and educational institutions – as well as the creative agencies, old and new, who share our passion for doing great work while keeping clients happy.

A lot has changed since those humble beginnings in 1983. (Except for Kajagoogoo, who haven’t had a hit since.) But one thing remains constant: Moveable’s passion for getting it right – quickly, cost-effectively and with unrivalled quality – so the world only sees you at your best.

What do you need?


Multilingual page formatting, corporate reports, MS Office templates.


High-quality offset, short-run digital, large-format posters and banners.


Picking over text, flagging errors, suggesting improvements.


Colour correction, retouching

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