Widows, orphans and bad rags. No, not the title of our first album. They’re things we fix to help your content look its best.

Digital tools have made typesetters of us all. But it still takes highly specialized expertise – and lots of experience – to do it well. Moveable was a pioneer in this discipline (back when we were known as Moveable Type) and it shows.

When we create page layouts to design specifications, flowing keystrokes into a template is just the first step. We then fine-tune everything. That includes minimizing hyphenation and adjusting line breaks. It means getting rid of widows and orphans (which sounds a bit dodgy, but that’s what typographers call unsightly text fragments that get stranded where a paragraph ends or a column begins). And we standardize the treatment of heads and sub-heads, spacing, indents, footnotes and more.

We also carefully review tables, charts and graphs, checking alignments and design elements. In short, we examine every aspect of the typography, ensuring consistency of style and presentation throughout. All with the usual goal in sight: smart, clear communications.

Once a typeset page is looking perfect, it goes to our crack proofreading team for a meticulous editorial sweep, and any errors or inconsistencies are flagged for your attention. And if this is a multilingual project, we use the approved English file as a base for subsequent versions – which we also fine-tune, paying special attention to language-specific typesetting and word-break conventions.

The end result of all this tweaking and finessing is the trademark Moveable product: clean, logical, accurate and visually appealing. This is why so many major corporations and organizations count on us to help produce their annual reports and other strategic communications. They expect everything to be done impeccably. And we can’t imagine doing otherwise.


Ever get the feeling Microsoft Word was invented to make designed documents go wonky, frustrate your team and degrade your brand? Well, you may be right. But we can help.

The important documents that organizations produce in-house – from financial reports and corporate newsletters to pitches and RFP responses – should be professionally designed and on-brand. The problem is creative firms typically use Mac-based graphics software, while their clients work with Microsoft applications in a PC environment. We can help bridge that gap.

We take designers’ creative and build PC-based Word templates that lock in the design parameters, so corporate users can work within their comfort zones. Our production team knows the program inside out: versions, features, bugs and quirks. We craft stable, elegant layouts using Word. And we advise designers on how to work around Word’s constraints, which avoids problems later when their clients are set loose with the templates.

We test documents and templates rigorously, under real-world conditions, with end users’ specific versions of operating systems and applications. And we banish the gremlins for good.

It is possible to achieve the level of polish in Word that you strive for everywhere else. All you need is a little help from people who’ve explored the labyrinth and are up to speed on every potential pitfall. So… when do we start?


Friends don’t let friends present with ugly PowerPoint decks. And Moveable is your friend.

Moveable’s production team has spent years learning how to make PowerPoint decks stable, reliable and intensely faithful to a designer’s vision.

We’ll fit into an organization’s process however it makes the most sense. We can build a crisp, on-brand PowerPoint presentation from scratch. Or we can create a template – complete with built-in themes, fonts and colour palettes – based on a creative agency’s design. End users then have the flexibility to create future presentations from the same template, ensuring a consistent look every time.

We can also advise creative teams on how to translate their ideas into PowerPoint, coaching them on all the quirks and constraints they should keep in mind to ensure that layouts look perfect.

Our quality assurance process includes multiple rounds of close review, followed by rigorous testing in the same environment end users work within, using the same software versions and configurations.

All so presenters can focus on connecting with their audience and delivering their message, on-brand and with no glitches.

What do you need?


Multilingual page formatting, corporate reports, MS Office templates.


High-quality offset, short-run digital, large-format posters and banners.


Picking over text, flagging errors, suggesting improvements.


Colour correction, retouching

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